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Tomorrow's Communities | Ep.50

October 22, 2021 Compass Episode 50
It's Bloody Complicated - A Compass Podcast
Tomorrow's Communities | Ep.50
Show Notes

In the face of global crises, how can communities attain better social, economic and environmental outcomes?

Joining It's Bloody Complicated are Henry Tam, editor of the new book Tomorrow’s Communities: Lessons for community-based transformation in the age of global crises, and contributors to the book Marjorie Mayo and Diane Warburton.

Henry Tam is a political writer whose books include Time to Save Democracy and Whose Government is it?. He was Head of Civil Renewal under the last Labour government.

Marjorie Mayo is Professor of Community Development at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her recent publications include Community-based learning and social movements and Changing Communities: stories of migration, displacement and solidarities.

Diane Warburton is a founding Trustee of Involve. Her published works include Community and Sustainable Development and From Here to Sustainability.

Tomorrow's Communities by Henry Tam (ed.), Policy Press (

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